HSEQ Policy

HSEQ Policy

 Health and Safety Policy Statement Burgess Marine considers that nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely. The health and safety of our employees and everyone else affected by our activities is fundamental to the success of our business and we believe that there is no conflict between our long-term financial success and our obligation to keep employees and other persons safe.

 Our policy is to create an environment in which no one is harmed. We will achieve this by identifying the hazards and risks involved in our activities, by eliminating these risks wherever possible, and by establishing robust arrangements for the management of any remaining risks.

 We are committed to continually improving our health and safety performance and we will strive to eliminate the realistic likelihood of serious accidents from our business. We believe that all injuries can be prevented. We will establish and implement, across all of our operations, an effective health and safety management system which defines its arrangements, specifies its controls and provides an effective process of assurance. We will set realistic health and safety objectives and we will comply with UK health and safety legislation as a minimum standard across our operations, irrespective of geographical location.

 The implementation of our Integrated Management System is a line management responsibility, supported by the Compliance Director and relies upon the competence, cooperation and commitment of all employees to achieve conformance to the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001.

 We will therefore:

  • Actively involve our employees, partners and supply chain in developing and sustaining a positive health and safety culture which demonstrates exemplary and inspirational leadership and commitment;
  • Develop the necessary competencies, through the provision of information, training, instruction and supervision, to enable our workforce to comply with all health and safety requirements and to perform their duties safely;
  • Promote a working environment where everyone makes safety personal and helps to create an accident free culture through understanding their impact on health and safety, by looking out for their own and their colleagues safety and by stopping work and seeking guidance if they are involved in an activity which they believe to be unsafe;
  • Establish effective organisational communication, cooperation and control arrangements with documented procedures and guidance where appropriate; and
  • Seek employee participation and views on health and safety matters through the use of appropriate consultative mechanisms.

 The Chairman has overall responsibility for the health and safety policy with operational responsibility delegated to the Compliance Director, including the provision of adequate resources for its implementation and regular assessment of its effectiveness in securing continual improvement in the company’s health and safety performance. The health and safety policy will be brought to the attention of all employees, sub-contractors and other persons working on behalf of Burgess Marine. The policy will be reviewed annually is freely available to the public via

the Global Marine Services

website www.globalmarineuae.com.